Philips Momentum 278m1 Review: Gaming monitor that brings you ambiglow lighting and 4K resolution

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Pe piața monitoarelor de gaming opțiunile sunt foarte variate. Fie mergi pe o diagonală generoasă, fie pe un model cu rată de refresh superioară, sau poate vrei un panou diferit, unul curbat. Dacă iluminarea RGB este ceea ce te interesează în mod special, atunci Philips Momentum 278M1 este monitorul pentru tine.Philips Momentum 278M1 Review: Monitorul de gaming care îți aduce iluminare AmbiGlow și rezoluție 4K


We recently received it in tests and from the following rows you will find out what they deliver and what to notice.Before starting the presentation, because I was talking about lighting, finding out that this monitor has the famous ambiglow technology.I have seen it especially on TVs as AMBILIGHT, and now it appears on the monitors.Philips Momentum 278m1 is a Red Dot Design Award award -winning monitor and promises a higher experience in the gaming chapter.

Design Philips Momentum 278m1

Before discovering how this monitor is presented in the chapter of the monitor, of course I went through the Unboxing process.The box in which it arrives is one tailor -made and we have serious protection, with two thick polystyrene plates.As a composition, the box brings the monitor, screws, power cable, HDMI cable and the display port, as well as the modular stand.

Because I did not specify originally, find out that this monitor adopts a 27 -inch diagonal, ie somewhere at 68.6 cm.Has a minimalist design involving thin 3 -sided edges, the exception being the chin below the screen.Matt plastic is used here that will hold the fingerprints at a distance, and the stand is solid and metallic.Behind the monitor appears a calbide organizer and also in the back there are the elements that make up the ambiglow technology.

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Sunt incluse aici 6 porțiuni RGB în stânga și dreapta și 10 porțiuni RGB sus și jos. Un detaliu important de precizat este acela că suportul permite reglarea pe înălțime. Îl putem înclina sus jos, cât și stânga-dreapta. Ca elemente de control avem în spate în dreapta un joystick prin care se pot modifica setările. Aduce un thumbstick de controller la prima vedere și este ușor de utilizat, dar în prima fază poate fi ușor imprecis.Philips Momentum 278M1 Review: Monitorul de gaming care îți aduce iluminare AmbiGlow și rezoluție 4K

All ports are intelligently hidden in the back, at the bottom and front we also have a state LED.The monitor comes in pack with a generous feeder like laptop.

Aș vrea să mă întorc puțin la Ambiglow pentru a detalia cele 3 moduri de funcționare:

You will also be able to adjust other elements such as the lighting direction (up-down, right-left) or the level of brightness.

Display and image

Cu toate că sistemul Ambiglow este ceva care atrage atenția, în prim plan se află display-ul de 27 inch. Philips a integrat în cazul de față un panou LCD cu tehnologie IPS și backlight, în sistem Wide LED (W-LED). Avem Anti-Glare aici, astfel că nu vei avea probleme cu reflexiile în timpul utilizării pe timp de zi, iar rezoluția este una superioară, 4K, de 3840 x 2160 pixeli.Philips Momentum 278M1 Review: Monitorul de gaming care îți aduce iluminare AmbiGlow și rezoluție 4K

From Parecare the monitor is not very good at the refresh rate chapter, having only 60Hz.Even the response time of 4MS does not impress, being clear what the emphasis was placed here.The images are displayed in look 16: 9, and according to the manufacturer you reach a minimum brightness of 350cd/m2.Within the test I made with a colorimeter I registered a maximum value of 407 CD/m2.

As expected, monitor Philips Momentum 278m1 offers wide viewing angles, up to 178 degrees.We also tick the Flicker-Free, as well as HDR function. Pentru cei curioși, nivelul Delta E (pentru sRGB) este <2, iar monitorul mai oferă și LowBlue Mode, respectiv tehnologie AMD FreeSync.Gameers will enjoy a low lag input.

Returning to colorimeter, we also compared the colors delivered using the Spyderx Pro from Datacolor.The process began by resetting image options, decreased brightness to the recommended level of 120cd/m2 and the temperature set to 6500k.

Am obținut următoarele valori pentru gamutul de culoare:

Aș preciza că un astfel de colorimetru este recomandat pentru creatorii de conținut, aparat care ajută la calibrarea culorilor pentru o afișare cât mai realistă. Există ce-i drept o serie de opțiuni SmartImage pentru moduri de imagine FPS, Racing, DTS, Gamer 1, Gamer 2, LowBlue Mode și SmartUniformity. Dintre toate cele înșirate aici, cea din urmă se apropie cel mai mult de calibrarea pe care am realizat-o folosind colorimetrul. Astfel, Philips oferă iată un mod care va mulțumi și creatorii de conținut.Philips Momentum 278M1 Review: Monitorul de gaming care îți aduce iluminare AmbiGlow și rezoluție 4K

Calibrare Philips Momentum 278M11 of 5

I noticed that the other modes have the objection to slightly exaggerate the colors, giving on the other hand that shine needed in gaming.There is also an automatic way by which the monitor will recognize the different scenarios of use.Also important are the Smart HDR options that deliver more bright colors in games.

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You can even see the differences between the standard profile delivered by Philips and the one obtained after color calibration.The living shades come out after calibration and this is especially noted on the faces of the people in the photos.And shades are better delimited, as can be seen in the case of hairs.


As is the case on many monitors of the moment and this one from Philips comes equipped with speakers.We have two speakers placed in the back, each with 5W power and with acoustic DTS Sound.The front speakers pack manages to deliver a loud and high sound that hears well.

Claritatea nu se va pierde nici măcar la volum maxim și este prezent și bass-ul. Pe lista de moduri DTS Audio avem opțiuni precum Standard, Game, Classical, Rock, Live și Theater. În vederea confirmării spuselor de mai sus am decis să realizez și un test cu decibelmetru, unde am obținut 93.5 dBA de la o distanță de 30 cm.Philips Momentum 278M1 Review: Monitorul de gaming care îți aduce iluminare AmbiGlow și rezoluție 4K

I would like to tell you that despite this result, in reality the sound feels much stronger.In my case I could not keep the volume set permanently to 100%.These integrated speakers are welcome for those moments when the headphones become uncomfortable and we want to take a break.Acoustic is ok and volume does not disappoint.


On the connectivity side, things are really good, and related to the location, the ports are positioned in the back.The support also offers a place for a better cable management and the ports are presented as follows:

I would mention here and the fact that we have some yellow -colored USB ports that allow fast loading for other devices.


We also arrived at the part of the impressions formed during the test/use period.From the beginning I appreciated the fact that the commissioner was put into operation was very fast, without the need for instructions for use.To mount the support I didn't need any other tools, because the stand has a handle screw that allows screwing with the hand.If necessary it can be mounted on the wall thanks to the vesa support (100 × 100).

Once this step made, we connected the Philips Momentum 278m1 monitor both to a PS4 console and a laptop.In the case of the laptop I enjoyed 4K resolution, the image being fluid even at 60Hz.We used the day-to-day monitor at the tasks that involved writing articles, but also at gaming.

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On the laptop I played only dota 2 and I can say that the monitor is a little big for moba-type games where you have to stay alert and see every corner of the map.Here I had to stay a little further from the screen during the game.

As for the experience with the monitor connected to the PS4, I had here Full HD resolution and a pleasant gaming experience.We played titles like God of War and Mortal Kombat 10.In God of War we could not change the appearance.Mortal Kombat 10 has run well and both games here support HDR, although many options in the monitor menu will not be available once you connect a console.

Impressions Ambiglow

I could not overlook the lighting ambiglow lighting that deliver a unique experience in both games and streaming video.I activated even the bottom that becomes useful in the case of night -time typing.Emphasis is placed on immersivity and the fact that we have anti-grin helps to stop reflections during the day.

If you play a lot of shoots you will be delighted to find out that the monitor also has Crosshair option for a permanent target in the center, even when using the AWP in CS GO.Ove total I can say that the experience of use is ok, especially if you play on the console.I can't help but remember the fact that the control of control can sometimes prove imprecise.

Points for and against




What can I say after I have tested this monitor is that I see it as ideal for console gamers who will enjoy a unique experience.I do not recommend it so much for PC systems holders because of the limited rates that will feel.The Ambiglow effect is the piece of resistance here, something that turns not only the monitor but the whole setup into a unique.

The 27 -inch diagonal I consider it ideal regardless of the content consumed, and the panel delivers uniform brightness and we also have dedicated colors.Monitor Philips Momentum 278m1 delivers on promises and is ideal for those who work from home and want a moment of relaxation with some gaming on the console.It is a monitor with quality panel, good sound and modern design, highlighted by RGB lighting.

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