Microsoft encourages you to delete your password from Windows but it's more complicated than it seems

Time 13/01/2023 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Last Security Update for Windows 10 brings a long -awaited change of users.From now not only you will be able to, but you are encouraged to delete your necessary login password when you turn on the system.This change comes to more than two years after it has been announced initially.

In recent years you could replace the password with a PIN, a fingerprint or facial recognition, but from now on you will be able to press the start button and reach the desktop directly.But this also comes with a trick implemented by Microsoft.Even if you will no longer have a method of logging in Windows, to log in you will receive a notification in the Microsoft Authenticator app, and from there you confirm that you are the one who wants to access the system.

A problem in minus, two more

Even if you can connect to Windows 10 faster, in theory, it seems to me that the process is even more complicated than before.Yes, do not write your password anymore, or in my case a four-digit pine, but you have to put your hand on the phone that can be charged, or to the wife or children, just to use your computer.And that seems to me that more users will confuse more.

Microsoft te încurajează să-ți ștergi parola de la Windows, dar e mai complicat decât pare

In addition, there is also the problem of security.Personally I am not too interested in this matter as I do not hold anything else besides the PC games, but some users save on their systems all kinds of important documents and the fact that virtual criminals could access computers without hindering a method.of logging could create security breaches.

For this situation, a Microsoft spokesman has confirmed that the elimination of a password will even increase the security of the operating system.But there is also the possibility of losing your phone or the one in which the device might break.And even if it is not an end of the world, I tend to repeat me, but it is something extra that you will prevent you.

Is it time to give up the password from Windows?

For a few years since I still use Windows 10, I have the Microsoft account connected to it and to log me just insert the pine and ready.Yes, I lose about two seconds of life doing this, but it still takes less than to put my hand on the phone, unlock it, look for the app or pull the notification bar and give confirmation from there.

But I would love to find out the opinion of those who put data safety in the first place.With the new security update, do you think this move is beneficial?Would you give up the password to use Microsoft Authenticator on the phone?

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