Huawei WS5800 presentation - WiFi Mesh system with over 300 m² and easy configuration through NFC

Time 08/11/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Huawei recently announced a new WiFi Mesh system, the WS5800, which reached my test table a few days ago.To be honest, the devices did not stay too long on the desk as the three units arrived were quickly "scattered" throughout the house to test them.The system is noted by the high coverage, over 300 m² they offer, being ideal for those who are at the house or have a spacious apartment and need a stable internet connection in any corner of the house..Below you will find out my impressions about this mesh system and other necessary details in case you are thinking of purchasing it.

Unboxing and design

Huawei has managed to provide a premium and elegant unboxing experience.The box is white, simple and opens by sliding from bottom to top.Inside we find the three mesh units and two other smaller boxes containing three network adapters, user manual, guarantee an Ethernet-Ethernet cable that we will use to configure the network.

As for the design, the routers adopt a cylindrical shape and are made of matte, white, very pleasant plastic.In the lower part shows a light -shaped light indicator that will indicate the condition of the network through different colors.In the back each Huawei Mesh drive presents a Power button, a reset button, power port, a wan gigabit port and two LAN ports.At the base there are information about SSID and a series of ventilation holes on each mesh drive.


The Huawei Mesh WS5800 systems presents one of the lightest configuration ways.Clearly there is no need for knowledge in the field, but only to read the user manual.To configure it you will need to install the Huawei AI Life app available in the AppStore, Google Play and of course, in Appgallery.Later we will supply and connect one of the routers to the modem via the Ethernet-Ethernet cable in the box and wait for the initialization.We can directly connect the phone via NFC to the network or use the default SSID printed at the router's base.

If we do not want to configure the system through the smartphone, we can connect the device via the SSID on the back and access the address " ”through the web browser.After configuring the main unit, the other routers only require food.They connect and synchronize automatically, and the terminals will take over the signal from the unit that offers the best connection.From the mobile app, as well as from the website provided by Huawei we can configure the password, network name and access various functions such as parental control..


Prezentare Huawei WS5800 - Sistem WiFi Mesh cu acoperire de peste 300 m² și configurare ușoară prin NFC

Huawei WS5800 is a tri-band system, and the network can be configured by means of two (2-Pack) or three devices (3-Pack), depending on the needs and the surface to be covered.Inside each unit we find a gigahome, quad-core processor and six independent signal, high power.The combined speeds thus reach up to 2200 Mbps, and each device covers an area of 120 square meters.Therefore three such devices cover areas over 300 square meters.

Devices stand out by the fact that we can connect very easy smartphones through Huaweishare.At the top is the NFC tag and touching it with your cell phone we will connect without having to enter your password.Once connected to the network, our terminals will automatically take over from the nearest router in the system, the one that provides the best connection as Huawei has included roaming and banding technologies here.We also tick parental control and the possibility to create a network for guests directly from the mobile app.

Here is the full list of specifications for a Huawei Mesh WS5800 device:

Impressions and availability

After using the WiFi Huawei WS5800 WiFi system for several days I managed to make an impression.I do not have a very big home, but I live in the rural area and I could easily test the range of the system.

I placed one of the devices on the hall, where I have the internet modem, one in my room, fixed on the biore, next to the laptop I write daily and one in the living room where I have a PlayStation 4 console and the TV..My subscription is Digi Fiberlink 1000.Here are the speeds obtained by me:

The highest WiFi speeds were obtained at a distance of 1-2 meters from the main router, the one connected to the Internet modem. În majoritatea timpului receptoarele dau o viteză de maxim 400 Mbps (download) pe WiFi.We performed two tests with the Internet cable connected to the laptop.As far as you can see, we got speeds over 900 Mbps (download) by connecting the laptop directly to the main router.Connecting it via Ethernet to the desk receiver the speeds were higher than those obtained by WiFi.Ping also decreased.

Coverage is indeed very high, even if the speed drops considerably 80-90 meters away from home.I have tested some routers over time and I can say that the Huawei Mesh WS5800 has managed to impress me.Basically, they are the best speeds obtained by me so far.

Unfortunately we are in pandemic, so we didn't have guests so we could avoid the question "Do you give me the WiFi password?".However, I can tell you that Android smartphones are instantly connected by NFC to the network and depending on how we configure the system we can receive a notification on your personal phone to approve the connection.

At the moment the Mesh Huawei WS5800 system is available locally and a few prices are listed below:

Huawei Mesh WS5800 (2-Pack)

Huawei Mesh WS5800 (3-Pack)