How do you delete all the pictures from the iPhone from a fire

Time 11/10/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Whether you want to sell your phone or you have just made a secure copy of all the pictures, it is important to know how you delete all the pictures on the iPhone.

To any other phone, the mass deletion process of the images is ostentatiously simple.In case you have an idevice, however, it may not be very friendly, especially if you want to not delete a picture.

Obviously you can enter the roll or rolle movie camera and start ticking some pictures after pressing the edit to the right right.Unfortunately this process is not very easy if we are talking about several thousand images.Fortunately, there are some alternatives.

The first one only involves using your phone while the second forces you to tie your smartphone to a computer.To quickly delete from iPhone all pictures, first of all you have to select them.Enter in images at the movie roll and press Edit to the right right.With your finger pressed on the first picture on the top left, position the cursor slowly at the bottom of the screen.

Cum ștergi toate pozele de pe iPhone dintr-un foc

The flow of photos on the screen will run alone.Do not take your hand off the screen until you reached the end of the photos and video clips.Press on the trash to delete them.From this moment all your multimedia content has moved into the recently deleted album.Access it, press edit to the top right and wipe all to the bottom left.If you deleted them by mistake, press recover everything.

The much simpler alternative is to connect your IDEVICE to a PC.In a few seconds it will be recognized and installed in my computer as a camera.Right click on the iPhone name and press Open.You will see a number of directories.Select them all with Ctrl + A and wipe them with Shift + Delete.

Confirm your choice.If you have any error message to delete, enter each directory and repeat the procedure.Shortly, you will win the space related to the images.

The Windows Image Import Utport Utport Utrief gives you the opportunity to automatically wipe them after copying on your PC.This is another quick solution to earn storage space.