How much do you have to work to afford an iPhone 12 Pro? (average economy salary)

Time 29/11/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

I know a lot of people who are interested in buying an iPhone 12 Pro. But I never wondered how much they have to work to be able to afford such a device. However, today you will also find out the answer to this question. To begin with, here is the list that formed the basis of our calculations and tables.

iPhone 12 Pro is a rather expensive phone, being available on the market at the price of 5800 lei at eMAG. We made a diagram that shows that in Romania a person needs, on average, 29 days and 4 hours of work, if we refer to the figures regarding the average salary from 2020 (info via and take the salary as the basis of calculation crude. At the net, the situation is much worse, there it takes no less than 52 working days.

Here is the comparison with other European countries, based on the information above

Romania does not fare too well when it comes to the number of days needed to purchase a 128GB iPhone 12 Pro. Compared to Western countries, Romanians have to work 2 or 3 times more to afford such a device. There are only a few countries in Europe that are worse off than us.

But how does this graph compare to Asian countries?

How much do you have to work to get your afford an iPhone 12 Pro? (average salary in the economy)

Well, compared to the developed countries in Asia, Romania sits "quite comfortably" at the bottom of the ranking. The number of days worked to be able to purchase an iPhone 12 Pro is much higher here, if not triple.

So, now you know how Romania stands compared to our European brothers and not only when it comes to the average salary in the economy. With a price of 5800 lei, an iPhone 12 Pro with 128GB of storage space requires many hours of work to purchase. So, let's not forget how difficult it can be for some people to end up using such a device.

Unfortunately, many people choose to use installments to purchase an Apple phone, which is not very good. The average salary per economy in Romania is below the level of our brothers in Western Europe, but we can enjoy the fact that we are better off than other countries in the East.

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