Google Chrome goes hard: how you make it work faster

Time 07/10/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Many users are experiencing browser speed problems, and below we have some effective solutions for situations when Google Chrome is moving hard.

Google Chrome is at this time one of the most used browsers in the world, being praised for impressive speeds and ease with which it can be used.Integration with most of Google's services has helped too much.But one of the great issues that some Chrome users face is weak speed.Often the problem is due to the very large amount of memory occupied by Chrome.Sometimes, however, the cause is easier to address.Below we have some of the most useful ways you can solve your broswer speed problems.

How do Google Chrome be faster

Disabling plugins and extensions.This is the first advice you find on any site on the Internet, but it is very effective.To see the plugins that are active, you must write "About: plugins" in the address bar.After that you will be displayed the plugins, one below the other.Keep in mind that some like Adobe Flash or PDF Viewer are useful but others only slow down your browser for nothing.

Google Chrome merge greu: Cum îl faci să funcționeze mai rapid

Extensions and applications can be easily accessed.Go to the top right menu and click on "More Tools" and then "Extensions".As with plugins, some extensions may be useful.Because of this, you must be careful if you choose to disable or completely remove them.

Delete the history of browsing.To improve Google Chrome speed, you can delete your browse history on the Internet.To access the history, click on the menu to the right right, then "History".Here you have more options.You can delete the information stored in the last hour, day, week, month, or the whole historian.You can also choose the information that is removed, from passwords, to downloads.Recommended here is not to delete your passwords, but you can be easily missed by the others.


Download a utility program.Once at a time range, it is advisable to run a utility program like Ccleaner to get rid of unnecessary files.Among other things it will help you release a considerable amount of space on hard-drive.

Updating the operating system.I kept this solution for the end because you should call it only if the others don't work.In some situations, however, this should be considered from the beginning.Under the conditions you have more than 3GB RAM install and a 32 -bit operating system then do not use all resources.In order for Windows to be able to recognize most of the available memory, it is ideal to have a 64 -bit variant.If this does not go, along with the others, there are other variants.