How to add a card to Apple Pay on iPhone or iPad!Tutorial

Time 23/09/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

How to add a card to Apple Pay in Romania is the main question that many iPhone and iPad users ask in Romania starting this morning, after the mobile payment system has been launched in the country.Well, the procedure for adding a bank card to Apple Pay in Romania for iPhone and iPad is very simple, and can be done in less than 2 minutes to completely disconnect from physical cards.

Apple Pay has been launched in Romania this morning by the following banks, and for the moment you can only activate them, although BCR has announced that it will provide support soon:

How do you add a card for Apple Pay to Romania on iPhone and iPad

Adding a card to Apple Pay in Romania for iPhone and iPad is done in two ways, either from the Wallet application, which you can find on the main applications screen, or from the settings application, both actions having the same result..

Step 1

Open the Wallet application from the main applications screen and press the + visible button at the top right of the user interface. Alternativ, puteti merge in Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay, Configurari > Wallet si Apple Pay.Here choose the Add Card option, add a card.

Step 2

CUM Adaugi un Card in Apple Pay pe iPhone sau iPad! TUTORIAL

In the new screen press continuous, continuous, to continue the process.

Step 3

Here you choose the bank from which you have issued your card.Apple also offers the option to add a card from one of the banks not listed, but if it has not officially announced that it has support, it will not work from a third bank.

Step 4

Position the card in the quadrant displayed at the top top to automatically read the data.If the card is not automatically recognized, you can manually enter its data.

Step 5

Accept your card check, an SMS message will be sent to confirm its sweat, after which you can complete the process and use the card for payments.

Step 6

Mergeti in Setings > Wallet & Apple Pay, Configurari > Wallet si Apple Pay.

Step 7

Enter your correct address, email address and phone number, so you have no problems with payments, and receive the invoices after each payment made.

Step 8

If you have more cards added, select the default one to automatically make payments with it when you are near a POS.

Step 9

Daca doriti sa stergeti un card din Apple Pay, atunci il puteti selecta din Setings > Wallet & Apple Pay, Configurari > Wallet si Apple Pay, faceti scroll pana in partea de jos a ecranului, si il stergeti.Alternatively, you can go to the Wallet application, select your card, then press the button on the right side, scroll down, and choose the deletion option.

If you have other questions about adding a bank card for Apple Pay in Romania, on iPhone or iPad, I am waiting for them in comments, but I do not know when there will be support for other existing banks and in our country.