Bitcoin mining on 40 Samsung Galaxy S5 phones;Samsung created a more effective mining system than a computer

Time 28/07/2022 By mhb

After I made bitcoin mining on PCs, this activity is also on the mobile phone.And does not call on the powerful Snapdragon 835 processor, but a galaxy S5 is returning and its processing power.Samsung has made a special Bitcoin Mining System, which is based on Galaxy S5 units and would be more effective than a computer.

40 S5 units with their Snapdragon 801 processors are put to work, on a special rig that reminds of a server.A specialized bone is used for this purpose and obviously you cannot put your hand on software too easily.The result is a bitcoin miner cluster, which manages to make the "mining" with excellent efficiency of current consumption, superior to that associated with a desktop PC.

Samsung actually wants to demonstrate the advantages of its upcycling project, which involves a kind of responsible recycling of older Galaxy phone units.The idea is to reuse them with their heads and useful purposes, instead of holding them through the house, depositing dust or throwing them irresponsibly (all with battery) in the garbage.Other Samsung projects from the same initiative include the transformation of an old galaxy tab tablet into a laptop with Ubuntu.

Bitcoin mining pe de 40 de telefoane Samsung Galaxy S5; Samsung a creat un sistem de mining mai eficient decât un computer

Galaxy S3 is transformed into a climate monitoring system and pH levels in an aquarium, and another older Samsung smartphone has become a home security camera.The conclusion?8 Galaxy S5 phones are better at Bitcoin Mining than a computer with Core i7 2600 processor, or better said more efficiently.