Realme GT Neo 2: Absolute Champion Battery of 2021, without right of appeal

Time 22/06/2022 By mhb

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Realme has proven us to do something special with autonomy on his phones.Ever since we tested Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro through them, they have rapidly roared in the top 10 autonomy at our tests.It was not a coincidence, because Realme GT 5G would be the Snapdragon 888 phone best in terms of autonomy.Now comes Realme GT Neo 2 with a 500 mAh battery, reaching 5000 mAh.

Video-Review Realme GT NEO2, battery section

It is loaded at 65W through Superdart technology and here's what it promises on paper:

Test- video playback

realme GT Neo 2: Bateria campion absolut din 2021, fără drept de apel

At our video playback test we reached 26 hours and 39 minutes, 2nd place all time, just minutes away from an 11,000 mAh battery phone!As an idea it has a double autonomy towards OnePlus 9 Pro and ASUS Zenfone 8. Neither in Pcmark, with 17 hours and 6th place in our hierarchy.It's over Realme 8 and Xiaomi 11t, but also Poco F3.It's below the Samsung Galaxy A31, OnePlus 8 and Moto G7 Power, but I don't see a 2021 phone above it.

Test- Continuous use

Test realizat cu ajutorul PCMark for Android. Acesta măsoară durata maximă a unei sesiuni neîntrerupte de utilizare a telfonului, în condiții ce replică comportamentul uman. Luminozitatea ecranului e reglată la 200 LUX, iar telefonul efectuează operațiuni de navigare pe web, rulează video, copiază fișiere și editează fotografii.

Test- loading 100%

Timpul de încărcare a bateriei până la 100%

Only good and about loading: in just 37 minutes it reaches zero to 100%, and in 15 minutes it is already 52%.We also have Power Saving options, Super Power Saving and a GT Mode, but he puts the saddle on the battery rather than to make it.

Test- load (5 minutes)

Test- load (15 minutes)

Test- load (30 minutes)

There is also optimization of loading overnight.Overall one word: wow!


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